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On-site service for blasting machines

Blasting machines are necessarily subject to a high level of wear. Timely, professional maintenance prevents high consequential costs and unscheduled downtimes. It is all the more important to have a partner who is able to take on regular maintenance and also complete, professional, general overhauling of all types of blasting machines. Use the years of experience of our fitters.

The first step is always to take an inventory of the machines and then compile a status report.

We offer a full service for anything connected with blasting machines with minimum repair and maintenance times and an instant spare parts service.

Our network

Do you want to sell, convert or optimise your blasting machine or are you looking for a used blasting machine?

Then use our network in the shotblast industry. We will find the suitable machine for you or can procure it for you from one of our customers.

Blasting machine service and maintenance

We will be delighted to visit you on site and prepare a quotation just for you.

Contact us at: +49 212 24845-0